Saint Louis University

                Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness is a new department at Saint Louis University charged with developing programs that help the University meet its strategic talent management objectives. The department will focus initially on developing a University-wide core leadership competency model, building a leadership development and succession planning program, and revising the exit survey. Organizational Effectiveness staff also help units across the University identify opportunities to improve processes, team dynamics, and leadership skills.

                 Our Approach

Staff within the Organizational Effectiveness department follow the organizational development model when providing process consultation. This means that in everything that we do, we look to educate our clients to help them become self-sufficient. We believe that every client has a unique understanding of her or his own work environment and improvement needs. We help refine those needs through assessment and information gathering to define a process that will guide intervention efforts; the client is responsible for following the plan, providing feedback, and taking responsibility for their development. Our team operates with integrity, accountability, and thoughtfulness--keeping the clients' needs in mind at all times.

Services are data driven; clients are responsible for covering assessment and associated administrative costs.