Absenteeism and Tardiness Guidelines

The University expects all staff members to assume responsibility for their attendance and promptness. Recognizing, however, that illnesses and injuries may occur, the University has established sick leave and long-term disability benefit plans to compensate employees for time lost for medical reasons. In addition, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides for excused absences caused by a qualifying health condition. (Please see appropriate sections of the handbook for information regarding these benefits.)

Should a staff member be unable to work because of illness, he/ she must notify his/her supervisor or department manager within 30 minutes of the start of his/her shift on each day of absence.

Staff members who are frequently absent or tardy and/or are absent without notifying their supervisors may be subject to corrective counseling. Employees who are absent without proper notice for three working days are considered to have resigned their positions.

University departments or divisions may have their own policies on absenteeism and tardiness. The University's Human Resources department provides guidance to departments that have not implemented a specific policy regarding excessive absenteeism and tardiness based on the prevailing University average for sick leave.

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