Confidentiality Guidelines

In the performance of assigned duties, the staff of the University may have access to or be involved in the processing of confidential information, including patient care data and student, employee, University, and/or business data. Confidential information includes but is not limited to the following:
  • any patient care information, including demographic data, condition, medical records, test results, medical procedures, bills, knowledge of litigation or like information;
  • any internal University financial statements and statistical and narrative reports;
  • employee records and files, salary data and statistical reports containing the same;
  • information from University computers;
  • student records and files, demographic data and statistical reports containing the same;
  • computer authorization/security codes; and
  • any quality improvement reviews, administrative and medical staff minutes.

Staff members of the University are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of this information at all times, both at work and when off duty. Confidential information should be discussed and/or disclosed only on a "need to know" basis and in the appropriate work setting. Open and/or public areas considered inappropriate for the discussion and/or disclosure of confidential information include but are not limited to elevators, cafeterias, hallways, restrooms, stairwells, etc.

Employees failing to adhere to the University standards with respect to confidentiality are subject to corrective counseling.

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