Dress Code and Personal Appearance Guidelines

Discretion in style of dress and behavior is essential to the image and the safe and efficient operation of the University. Staff members are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to their working environment and to the type of work performed.

It is important that all Saint Louis University employees project a professional image to the people with whom they interact internally and externally. Employees, in conjunction with their managers, may use their judgment regarding the days that they wear "business casual" dress. Your schedule of activities should determine work attire.

The following guidelines apply to "business casual" attire:

Appropriate business casual attire includes slacks, skirts and shirts with collars.
Appropriate business casual attire does not include jeans, athletic attire (sweatshirts, sweatpants, gym shoes), T-shirts, spandex, casual sandals and shorts.
Employees failing to adhere to the University's standards with respect to appearance and demeanor are subject to corrective counseling.

Employees who are required to wear uniforms are expected to wear them in their entirety. Staff members must abide by the safety policies and procedures of their departments and wear required protective clothing and safety equipment. Some departments may have their own policies or dress codes appropriate to the nature of the work done within those departments. Employees should consult their supervisor regarding any dress code requirement specific to their department.

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