Letter of Resignation and EPAF

  1. Hourly staff members desiring to resign voluntarily from their employment with the University are required to submit their resignation in writing to their immediate supervisor.
  2. Hourly staff must provide a minimum of (10) ten working days or (2) weeks' notice prior to the last day on the job in order to be considered to have resigned with proper notice.
  3. Exempt (salaried) staff members are required to give (20) twenty working days notice or (4) weeks in order to be considered to have resigned with proper notice.  Exempt staff providing less notice can still be considered leaving in good standing if approved to do so by their supervisor or manager. This exception will be administered on a case-by-case basis.
  4. An employee who gives less than the required 10 or 20 working day's notice and who is absent without notice for three consecutive work days is deemed to have resigned without proper notice.
  5. Failure to provide proper notice makes the employee ineligible for rehire.
  6. Once the supervisor receives a written resignation from the employee, the department is to process the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF), specifying the end date and the separation and termination code.
  7. An automated exit interview will be sent to the employee when the termination EPAF is complete. Employees may also call their HR Consultants to schedule an in-person Exit Interview.
  8. An employee's last day is required to be a regularly scheduled work shift. Accrued vacation or sick leave cannot be used in lieu of notice.
  9. University keys, I.D. card, parking permit, uniforms, pagers, laptop computers, or other university property are required to be turned in and all outstanding debts must be paid on or before the employee's last day.
  10. Any remaining debt due to the University will be deducted from the employee's final paycheck.
  11. Accrued and unused vacation leave balances will be paid after Payroll Services receives confirmation of the balance from the employee's department.
  12. The completed EPAF and letter of resignation will need to be submitted to the human resources/HRIS department in the Wool Center. Legal requirements mandate human resources be in receipt of an EPAF in a timely manner.
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