Saint Louis University

  1. Staff members are encouraged to complete an online exit survey after having submitted a letter of resignation to their supervisor. They will receive an automatic email with a link to the survey.
  2. Faculty Members may schedule an exit interview, after they have submitted a letter of resignation, by contacting the office of their respective Dean.
  3. Questions regarding benefit coverage or continuation of health insurance may be directed to the Benefits office at (314) 977-2461.
  4. To obtain an Employee Offboarding Checklist, click this link and print one off.
  5. Complete the top section of the form, starting with "Name".
  6. Provide this form to your supervisor to check off the information under the section entitled "Department Checklist".
  7. Once the "Department Checklist" section is completed, the Department Head will sign and date this section of the form.
  8. The employee should then complete the "Employee Section" of the form.
  9. A very important section of the form regards the final paycheck. Annual tax statements (W-2) are mailed to the employee's home ("permanent") address, found in the personal information section of Banner Self Service. If this address is not accurate, receipt of the W-2 could be delayed. Former employees can go directly to Banner Self Service indefinitely via the URL as long as they remember their last password for their SLU Net ID.
  10. The employee should then sign the form and date it at the bottom of the page.