Employment of Relatives Policy




Procedure Number: Version Number: 1
Classification: Effective Date: 8/10/2012
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This policy was established to ensure compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines and to preserve and promote non-discrimination regarding hiring, promotion, and employment practices.


This policy ensures a fair and measured approach to employment of relatives and avoids the conflicts that can arise from nepotism.


This policy applies to employees and units within Saint Louis University.


Relative is defined as any of the following including those by virtue of blood, marriage, or remarriage: spouse, children, parent, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins.


The University performs background checks for all new employees based on the responsibilities of the position or an individual's role within the University. A background check may include: fingerprint based criminal background checks; credit checks, references and employment history; verification of education, professional licenses, academic credentials, work experience and other checks as deemed appropriate by the University. Individuals who have a criminal record or have other risk factors may be disqualified from employment by law or because their presence in the work place would create an unacceptable risk to the University community. The results of a pre-employment background check are confidential and are to be shared with members of Saint Louis University on a strict "need to know" basis.


Human Resources is responsible for oversight and coordination of the recruitment, selection and hiring of staff.


7.1 The University will not allow relatives to be placed or promoted into supervisor/manager reporting relationships.

7.2 In the case where two employees marry, continuing employment is available for both spouses provided that there is no direct reporting relationship or decision-making influence on conditions of employment.

7.3 If such relationships exist, the employees must disclose the relationship immediately and the employees must be separated (physically or organizationally), so that one does not have any direct or indirect responsibility, authority or control, real or perceived, over the other.


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