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Gifts and Entertainment Policy




It is the policy of the University that no employee will accept any gifts or gratuities with a value in excess of $100 from any outside organizations, corporations, companies, partnerships, or other entities which provide, or are seeking to provide, goods or services to the University to fulfill its stated mission, or are in competition with the University's mission. Excluded would be promotional items which the outside organizations use on a continuing basis as part of their regular marketing programs.

Further, no employee will accept business entertainment from any outside organization which would be considered excessive. The acceptance of occasional invitations to dinners, sporting events, theater presentations, etc. (even if the value exceeds $100), is acceptable in most circumstances.


The policy applies to all personnel employed by the University, Medical Center, and all University-owned organizations.


  1. On an annual basis, employees who are covered by the conflict of interest policy will be required to attest in the conflict of interest disclosure statement that they have accepted no gifts, gratuities, or excessive entertainment during the preceding year.

    In the event of questions regarding the value of a gift received or whether entertainment accepted is excessive, the employees should consult with their immediate superior as to the need to disclose such items as part of the attestation process.
  2. On a continuing basis, all employees will consult with and report to their superiors any instances of gifts or gratuities offered to them by any outside organization, or any attempts to influence the performance of their assigned duties through the offer of gifts, gratuities, or excessive entertainment.
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