Suggested Interview Questions

Please use this guide to customize the interview for your hiring needs. Certain position-specific questions may not apply (e.g., "People Management").


  1. Saint Louis University considers its Jesuit and Catholic identity as an essential component of its tradition, a component which distinguishes its educational endeavors and service programs. How do you see yourself contributing to or being a part of this identity?
  2. Saint Louis University describes itself as a Jesuit and Catholic institution. What role do you see for yourself in contributing to this identity?
  3. Saint Louis University takes great pride in its Jesuit and Catholic identity. How do you see this applying to your work at the University, and how do you see yourself contributing to it?

Work Experience

  1. Please describe the major responsibilities of your current (last) job.
  2. Tell me about your primary job challenges.
  3. What was the most difficult aspect of your last job?
  4. What would you like to do more in your current (last) position? Less?
  5. What was the title of the person you reported to? Please describe your department's organization chart.
  6. Tell me about your best (worst) boss.
  7. Why are you seeking other employment?

Technical/Functional Skills

  1. What experience, skills or education do you consider most helpful in contributing to your success on the job?
  2. Can you think of work you completed recently that best reflects how you apply new techniques to solve practical problems? Please describe the problem, the new technique you used and the outcome.
  3. Please describe your budget responsibilities.
  4. Tell me about your last performance appraisal. What were your strengths? What was the developmental plan?


  1. Why did you choose the college you attended?
  2. What determined your choice of major?
  3. What were your best and worst subjects? Please describe them.
  4. Were you responsible for a major project, comprehensive exams or a thesis? If so, please describe your approach to planning, preparation and execution. What was the result?
  5. Tell me about your extracurricular activities. Why did you choose those activities?
  6. What were your long-term and short-term goals upon leaving school?

Communication Skills

  1. Describe the most significant piece of writing you recently completed. How did you plan and organize it? Who was the audience? How was it presented?
  2. Tell me about your most highly visible oral presentation. How did you prepare for it? What were your objectives? What kind of feedback did you get?
  3. Describe a recent time that you were unexpectedly in a position of orally promoting or defending something. Please describe the situation, your approach, and the outcome.
  4. What kind of standard reporting do you perform in your current position? Please describe the content, frequency and format of these reports.


  1. Tell me how you planned and executed your most important programs or projects.
  2. How did you determine your long-term and short-term goals? How have you responded to unanticipated difficulties that arose in carrying out your plan?
  3. Tell me about the period of time when work has been most hectic. What did you do to keep it under control? What led to your being pressed for time? Have you been able to take steps to avoid this situation in the future?
  4. What systematic processes or tools have you used to plan, organize and monitor/ control a project? How effective have those tools/approaches been? Why or why not?


  1. What have you done that was innovative in your present position; what action did you take to implement? What was the result?
  2. How innovative are your employees in dealing with work situations? What are some innovative ideas your employees have had? How have you encouraged their innovations?
  3. Can you think of a situation you had to handle in which old solutions didn't work? What did you do to handle it? What role did you play? What was the end result?

Interpersonal Skills

  1. Think of the most upset person you've had to deal with lately (a co-worker, client, other). Describe how the problem came to your attention, and how you handled it.
  2. If I were to ask your co-workers (subordinates, superior), what two positive things would they say about you? What complaint would they have?
  3. On what projects was it important for you to coordinate with another functional unit or an outside organization? Please describe the project, the steps you took to facilitate cooperation and the outcome.

Judgment/Decision Making

  1. Give me two examples of good decisions you have made in the last 6 months. Why were they good decisions? What were the alternatives? Did anyone disagree with you? Why?
  2. Describe a time when you involved subordinates in an important decision. To what extent did you involve them? What alternatives did you consider? What was the outcome?
  3. What kind of decisions do you make rapidly, and on which ones do you take more time? Please give specific examples and describe the steps you followed in making decisions.

Drive for Results

  1. What are the standards for success in your job? What have you done to meet these standards?
  2. In which areas would you like to develop yourself further?
  3. What was the most difficult task or project you have been assigned? What made it so difficult? How did you go about performing it and making adjustments to unforeseen problems? How long before or after your deadline did you get it done?
  4. Describe your best achievement and how you accomplished it. Tell me about the obstacles you encountered, the effort you put in, and the end result.


  1. What have you done recently that was beyond the call of your normal duties? Please describe the assignment or project in detail. How did you contribute? How successful were you?
  2. Tell me about a new policy or idea you recently implemented which was considerably different from standard procedure. Describe the approach you used to gain cooperation, the guidelines that got in the way, and the outcome.
  3. Have you found any new ways to make your subordinates' jobs more rewarding? Please describe the methods you used, employees' reactions, and the outcomes.

Problem Solving/Analytical Skills

  1. When was the last time you made a decision or solved a problem which required a lot of hard thinking and careful analysis on your part? What alternative solutions did you consider? Why? What additional information would you like to have had before deciding? Describe the outcome, including particular difficulties you had to overcome.
  2. What problems are you currently working on that came as a surprise to you? How much advance notice did you have? Why? What steps did you take? What is the current status?
  3. Describe the time you were most resourceful in solving some problem or in coming up with an improvement. Where did your ideas originate? How and with whom did you check your ideas as you proceeded? What was the result?

People Management

  1. Tell me about some of the people who have become successful as a result of your management techniques. What was your role in their development?
  2. Do subordinates participate in decisions you make? If yes, give specific examples of their input. Do you encourage participation? How? What role do you play in facilitating participation?
  3. What methods do you use to monitor performance? How do you keep up-to-date on changes in your management skills?
  4. Describe your style of supervision. Tell me about a time that you were disappointed in the results of your supervision.
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