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Manager's Corner

Whether you are a new manager or a current manager, Learning & Development is dedicated to providing you with the necessary resources to lead your team.

Manager's HR Reference Guide

The Manager's HR reference guide is a comprehensive list of HR resources for managers at SLU to assist in the following areas: hiring; onboarding and developing employees; management; and, supervision of employees. Click here to access the guide.

Organizational Effectiveness Consulting Services

Organizational Effectiveness staff also helps teams and units across the University identify opportunities to improve processes, team dynamics, and leadership skills. Consultation involves outlining the unit's talent management goals, evaluating its current position in relation to those goals, and recommending solutions to move the unit closer to its objectives. For assistance, contact: Patrick Maloney, Ph.D. (


Solutions for Teams           Solutions for Divisions

Great organizations, divisions, and departments are built on the work of people who are willing to collaborate and cooperate for the common good. Help your team be the best it can be with consultation based on the latest research in group dynamics, development, and effectiveness. Contact us to learn more about:               

• Team Building Workshops
• Toolkits for Managers
• Team Dynamics Assessments

Maintaining an engaged workforce and an effective leadership team are critical to providing exceptional service to your stakeholders. This requires an accurate understanding of your division's strengths and potential areas for improvement. We will work with you to develop and deliver an employee feedback survey to help you learn how the working conditions in your   division are affecting productivity, whether you are meeting or exceeding your staff members' expectations, and how you can implement improvements within your division.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Organizational Effectiveness?  Organizational Effectiveness refers to any practices that help divisions/departments/units at SLU reach their goals and make contributions to the University's goals through the use of evidence-based strategies and initiatives that promote a positive work environment and align personnel to help them realize their potential.

What is your approach to working with your clients?  We follow an organizational development model when providing process consultation. This approach begins by acknowledging that every client has a unique understanding of her or his own work environment and improvement needs.

How much does it cost?  The bulk of our services are provided to the university community free of charge; however, there may be costs associated with specific assessments from outside vendors that are required for some activities.

Who gets to see the results of the assessment?  The Learning & Development department will clearly state who will have access to any and all assessment results before any assessments are conducted. Access to results and data will be negotiated and agreed upon before any surveys or assessments are conducted.

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