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At Saint Louis University, we are committed to an ongoing culture of learning for our students, faculty and staff that fosters continuous growth and development. If you would like to see others grow, we would like to partner with you to make learning more accessible.


Become a Learning Ambassador       

Become an L& D Facilitator

A SLU Learning Ambassador is an individual within a department or division who acts as a liaison with HR to provide feedback on professional development options including upcoming programs, sessions, and resources and to request programs that interest their workgroup and colleagues.

Essentially, Learning Ambassadors serve as department resources and representatives regarding University professional development.

Learning Ambassadors can help you find resources and information about upcoming programs. If you have an interest in content that is not already offered, ask your Learning Ambassador to relay the message to HR. Click here for a current list of Ambassadors.

Are you an advocate for lifelong learning?
Consider becoming a Learning Ambassador.

For more information, contact:
Katie Hoff

Help others grow personally and professionally by presenting on a topic of your choosing or filling in for an already established course. All levels of experience are welcome; we won't put you in a classroom until you are comfortable and ready. Your continued growth and development as a facilitator will be supported by the Facilitator Network.

The Facilitator Network is a voluntary professional development opportunity for individuals who facilitate L&D programs and are committed to growing their facilitation skills. Features of the network include:

  • Workshops and resources to help deepen your knowledge of facilitation, adult learner needs, and presentation development
  • Consultation with Learning & Development staff knowledgeable in instructional design, including feedback on your sessions and personal learning goals to support your continued growth 
  • Opportunities to share your knowledge and experience with other facilitators through workshops and/or presenting best practices
  • Relationships with other SLU faculty and staff interested in developing themselves and the SLU community

For more information, contact:
Katie Hoff

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