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Life Insurance

As of October 1, 2017, Saint Louis University's life insurance carrier is Symetra.

Base Plan
The first component of the Life Insurance Program provides insurance in the amount of one times the covered employee's base annual or contract salary - up to a maximum of $400,000.

The entire premium for the Base Plan is paid by Saint Louis University, and becomes effective on your date of full time employment.

For more details regarding Saint Louis University's life insurance, please review the complete Summary Plan Description.

Optional Coverage
You may select additional levels of life insurance equal to one, two, or three times your base annual salary, with a maximum amount of $400,000 between the base and optional coverage. The optional insurance will be at your cost.

The monthly cost for optional coverage is based upon the participating employee's age according to the schedule below.

AgeMonthly Rate FactorBi-Weekly Rate Factor
Less than 30 0.000039 0.0000180
30-34 0.000052 0.0000240
35-39 0.000059 0.0000272
40-44 0.000072 0.0000332
45-49 0.000124 0.0000572
50-54 0.000221 0.0001020
55-59 0.000383 0.0001768
60-64 0.000584 0.0002695
65-69 0.000974 0.0004495
70-74 0.001532 0.007071
75+ 0.00206 0.009508

To calculate the premium for an additional one, two or three times your annual salary, multiply your annual salary by the monthly or bi-weekly rate factor that corresponds to your age. This amount will equal the premium for each optional 1 time the annual salary benefit amount. The Symetra Enrollment Form can be found here.


  • "Beneficiary" means a person or entity, such as a trust or estate, chosen on a form approved by Prudential, to receive the insurance benefits.
  • You may change Beneficiaries at any time by completing a new Beneficiary Designation Form and submitting it to the Benefits office.

Converting Life Insurance

  • Your Symetra life insurance may be convertible and or portable. For information on converting your Symetra Group Term Life Insurance policy to an individual policy, please call HRMP at 1-888-999-4767 or visit You will need to provide Saint Louis University's policy number, which is 24-000110-00, as well as your level of coverage. Figures for base and optional life insurance may be found on your Benefit Statement under "Benefits and Deductions" through the MySLU portal under "Calculated Coverage Amount

Changing Life Insurance

Return the completed forms to the Benefits office or fax to 314-977-1785.

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