Notification of Death Policy




Procedure Number: Version Number: 2
Classification: Effective Date: 5/30/1990
Responsible University Official: Vice President Human Resources


At Saint Louis University, we support each other during times of loss, reaching out with compassion to our colleagues when a loved one passes away. In the spirit of St. Ignatius, we join in prayer to bring comfort to our grieving colleagues and their families.


As such, Human Resources will notify designated officials of the University of the passing of either an active faculty or staff member or the passing of the immediate family of active faculty and staff so that the employee and his or her family may be remembered in the thoughts and prayers of colleagues and friends.


All active faculty and staff and their immediate family members, to include spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren, in-laws, and any other relative who lives in the family household.


Not applicable


It is the policy of Saint Louis University to notify designated officials of Saint Louis University of the passing of an employee or a member of their immediate family. This policy does not apply to retirees, former employees, or faculty emeritus.


The department head should designate a contact person for each department. This designee will be the point of contact who will complete the Death Notice Submission Form of the passing of an employee or a member of their immediate family. The department designee should notify MARCOM - Marking and Communications of the passing of a retiree, emeriti faculty, or other prominent individuals.


Upon notification to Human Resources of the passing of an employee or member of the employees immediate family, Human Resources will prepare a notice which will include (1) the employee's name, (2) the name of the deceased, (3) University connection (i.e. department, job title, length of service), (4) name and address of family member for condolences, (5) date of death, (6) funeral arrangements, and (7) departmental contact person and telephone extension. Human Resources will notify the following individuals:
  • Administration:
    • President
    • Assistant to the President
    • Vice President and Chief Information Officer
    • Vice President and General Counsel
    • Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    • Vice President for Development and University Relations
    • Vice President for Enrollment Management
    • Vice President for Facilities Management and Civic Affairs
    • Vice President for University Mission and Ministry
    • Vice President for Student Development
    • Vice President for Human Resources
    • Vice Present and Rector - Madrid Campus
    • Vice President for Research
    • Vice President for Academics
    • Vice President for Medical School
    • Chief Executive Officer for UMG
    • Director of Diversity and Affirmative Action
    • Associate and Assistant Vice Presidents
  • Other Administration:
    • Academic Deans
    • President, Faculty Senate
    • President, Staff Advisory Committee
    • President, Student Government Association
  • University Ministry
    • Directors of Campus Ministry on each campus
    • Pastor of St. Francis Xavier Church
  • Public Relations
    • Editor, University Publications
  • Human Resources
    • Director of HRIS/Payroll Services
    • Director of Training
    • Benefits Manager
    • Payroll Manager


Bereavement Policy


This policy was approved by the President and the executive staff of Saint Louis University.

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