Open Door Policy




Procedure Number: Version Number: 1
Classification: Effective Date: 2/23/2010
Responsible University Official: Vice President Human Resources


Saint Louis University believes that employees are valued assets and open communication within an atmosphere of mutual trust is of prime importance to its employees. Realizing that effective communication is always a two way street, Saint Louis University values employees' constructive opinions, suggestions and feedback so that issues of concern can be constructively resolved in the workplace.


This policy is intended to establish an informal complaint or problem resolution process. This open door policy is not a substitute for the university's policies on harassment, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action, staff grievance, or staff peer review.


This policy applies to all staff with the exception of employees bound by a collective bargaining agreement or employees of the Madrid Campus.


Not applicable


An Open Door Policy means that the door to the supervisor's office is always open and employees should feel comfortable speaking with their supervisors about any questions/concerns they have. In most cases, talking with the supervisor is the most effective and efficient way to resolve issues. The supervisor is typically the most direct source of information regarding an employee's job and departmental policies and procedures. If the supervisor is unable to provide assistance, then the employee may discuss problems or suggestions with a higher level manager instead of, or in addition to, their supervisor. Issues are usually resolved through this informal communication. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached at this level then complaints may be brought forward through the University's Staff Grievance Policy.


Employees are encouraged to meet and discuss suggestions, problems or concerns with their supervisors. Supervisors are expected to have an open door policy that is designed to encourage employees to bring forward any concerns or questions to them so that issues can be resolved constructively together. It is a violation of university policy to retaliate against anyone who brings a good-faith concern to the supervisor's attention.


Not applicable


Staff Grievance Policy
Harassment Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy


This policy was reviewed and approved by the Executive Staff and President's Coordinating Council.

This Policy Has Been Approved By:

Lawrence Biondi, S.J.
Saint Louis University

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