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Express Job Classification

Express classification provides the opportunity for departments to classify a new or reclassify a vacant position without further review by the compensation team. This process is an option when a department/division is classifying a position and the job classification currently exists within the department. Express classification occurs by using the "cloning" functionality in the People Admin Position Management Module. This process bypasses the formal job analysis and classification process by utilizing an existing set of duties/responsibilities, associated with a pre-established classification.

Express Classificationeliminates the process of completing a new Position Description (PD) detailing the duties and responsibilities of a position when in some cases, the classification is clear from inception and the review time exceeds the value added.

Instructions for Cloning a Position
Departments must contact the compensation team before cloning a position in People Admin Position Management Module. Compensation will determine if the positon is eligible for express classification and further instruction will be provided.

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