Saint Louis University




Procedure Number: Version Number: 5
Classification: Effective Date: 9/18/2012
Responsible University Official: Vice President Human Resources


Saint Louis University believes that employees are valued assets, and development and growth opportunities should be provided. The University is committed to placing employees in positions best suited to their talents, skills, and abilities to benefit both the organization and employees.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for employee promotion, transfer and demotion.


This policy applies to all regular staff of Saint Louis University with the exception of employees bound by a collective bargaining agreement.


Promotion: Any change in assignment that results in movement to a position that is classified in a higher pay grade than that of the original position.

Demotion: Any change in assignment that results in movement to a position that is classified in a lower pay grade than that of the original position.

Transfer: A lateral change in an employee's assignment from one position to another without a change in pay grade.


All selection decisions will be based on job related factors such as experience, education, training, work record, and length of service with the University. Whenever possible and practical, qualified internal applicants should be given first consideration for promotions and transfers, when such consideration is consistent with the University's affirmative action policy.


Not applicable.



7.1 Employee must complete and submit an online application, or update an existing application, identifying the position for which they wish to be considered.

7.2. Employees with active corrective counseling actions or performance improvement plans should consult with human resources to determine eligibility for seeking another position.

7.3 An employee must have worked at least six (6) months in the current position before becoming eligible to apply for another job. Exceptions include:

  • Position vacancy within the current department
  • Current position is temporary
  • Current position is eliminated
  • Management request (must be approved in advance by human resources)

7.4 Human resources will determine fair and equitable pay adjustments based on the following guidelines:

7.4.1 Promotion: An increase in salary based on the employee's years of relevant work experience, salary market research, and budget availability. An employee who receives a promotional increase later than seven months after the start of the fiscal year (February) may not be eligible for a merit increase.

7.4.2 Demotion: An employee who requests or accepts a voluntary demotion should anticipate a decrease in pay. The new pay rate will be based on years of relevant work experience and University-wide internal equity. Any decrease in salary will be reviewed by human resources.

7.4.3 Transfer: An employee who accepts a transfer may be eligible for a salary change based on relevant work experience, internal equity, salary market research, a change from non-exempt to exempt status, or a significant change in position responsibilities.

7.5 Human resources will coordinate the release and the start date of the new position. Hourly paid employees are expected to provide written notice ten (10) working days prior to moving to a new position. Salaried employees are expected to provide written notice twenty (20) working days prior to moving to a new position. The current supervisor may allow the notice period to be shortened, but may not extend the length of the notice obligation.


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