Returning Tenet Tuition Remission Policy



Saint Louis University seeks to recognize the past service of employees at Saint Louis University Hospital. Saint Louis University believes that employees are valued assets, and service and employment prior to the sale of the hospital should be recognized for the purpose of dependent tuition remission.


This policy applies to all employees of the Saint Louis University Hospital who were employed by Saint Louis University full-time prior to the sale of the hospital and immediately upon the sale, became full-time employees of Tenet, including Servicemaster, and have subsequently returned to full-time employment with the University, with no break in service.


It will be the responsibility of the rehired employee to provide verification of employment dates with Tenet or Servicemaster to the University Benefits Office. This verification must be on Tenet or Servicemaster letterhead and signed by a Human Resource employee of Tenet or Servicemaster.

Upon verification and certification of eligible past employment with Tenet or Servicemaster, Benefits will maintain a copy in file for tuition remission verification.

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