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Screening and Interviewing

Management Resources

A human resources recruiter conducts the initial screening of the application material submitted by a candidate through the on-line application system to determine if the applicant meets the minimum qualifications for a job opening. This assessment considers education and job-related training, work experience, depth of experience, and technical skills required to perform the essential functions, duties, and responsibilities of the job. In some instances, the equivalent combination of education and work experience will be considered to meet the minimum job qualifications.

The application material for qualified candidates identified by the recruiter is forwarded to the department contact person, hiring manager, or search committee for additional review. Once a quality candidate pool is established, the hiring manager notifies the recruiter to close the position on the on-line application system. Applicants no longer under consideration are notified by e-mail of their status.

The recommended process is to conduct a phone screening with those candidates remaining in the job pool. This screening assesses a candidate's experience in more detail and can determine a candidate's salary expectations. Candidates in whom there is continued interest are then invited to the university for an on-campus interview. Follow up interviews may be scheduled as needed or with other individuals involved in the selection process.

Prior to the phone screening and on-campus interview, develop a list of job-related questions to obtain specific experience from the candidates; behavioral and open-ended questions are recommended to garner the most useful information to compare and contrast each candidate. Other questions and discussion points should cover education, job-related training/certifications, and salary requirements. Interviewers may need to provide a general overview of university benefits or direct candidates to the human resources website for detailed benefits information. The human resources recruiter can provide assistance in developing questions or a copy of the Interview Guide if needed.

The hiring manager or search committee is charged with the responsibility to select the person who possesses the best combination of job-related education, experience, and skills. Once the finalist is identified, the hiring manager updates the status of each candidate on the on-line application system. Indicate who was not interviewed and the reason why, who was interviewed but not selected and the reason why, and lastly, the person selected and the reason why. Then, notify the human resources recruiter with the decision.

References, background checks, and if required, pre-employment physicals and drug screens, are coordinated and conducted in close collaboration with the human resources recruiter. Should human resources obtain a negative reference or identify any other concern through this process, the hiring manager will be notified and the selection decision is subject to further discussion. The hiring manager and recruiter also discuss and identify the starting salary. Once this process is completed and there is internal agreement on the starting salary, the recruiter extends the offer of employment to the candidate. Should further salary negotiations be needed, the recruiter will contact the hiring manager. The recruiter will work with the hiring manager and the candidate to identify a start date. The recruiter will also send an offer letter to the candidate confirming the details of the job offer and schedule the employee for the new employee orientation program.

Steps to a Successful Interviewing Process

Effective faculty and staff selection results in increased productivity, decreased turnover, reduced training time, lower costs and increased overall organizational effectiveness. This responsibility begins with the recruiting process to assure that faculty and staff with appropriate skills, attributes and potential are brought into Saint Louis University.

To help in the planning of, and conducting of the interview with prospective staff, the following materials are available for your use and reference. If you have any questions about the interview process or the legalities surrounding the interview, please contact your human resources representative and they will be happy assist you.

Interview Guide

The interview guide walks you through the basics of identifying position requirements, reviewing resumes, behavioral interview components, legal compliance, and evaluating responses.

Suggested Interview Questions

  • General behavioral questions by category
  • Managerial / Supervisory
  • Professional / Technical
  • Non-exempt / Hourly

Legal Concerns in Interviewing

The Pre-Employment Inquiry Guide gives examples of acceptable inquiries versus those which must be avoided according to subject matter.

Obstacles to Effective Interviewing

Common pitfalls of the interview along with some of the major obstacles encountered during an interview are discussed.

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