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Procedure Number: Version Number: 2
Classification: Effective Date: 8/10/2012
Responsible University Official: Vice President Human Resources


Saint Louis University strives to maintain a safe environment and culture where service to patients, students, and visitors is paramount. It is essential that members of the University community and others be able to accurately identify University faculty, staff, and student workers to determine authorized access, obtain assistance, and respond effectively during an emergency.


This policy is intended to accomplish the following important objectives:
  • To ensure the personal safety of the SLU community, including but not limited to students, faculty, staff, and visitors
  • To protect the University's physical assets from potential harm, including theft, damage, or other potential risks
  • To limit loss or compromise of work caused by unauthorized persons in University buildings
  • To accurately and quickly identify University employees during normal and emergency situations
  • To provide access to the University parking facilities where an employee is assigned/enrolled to park
  • To protect all areas of the University against disruption or terrorism
  • To provide excellent service to our internal and external customers

This policy applies to all full-time and part-time faculty, staff, and student workers. Parking and Card Services will coordinate the issuance of SLU ID for visiting professors and for non-University contractors.


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5.1 SLU ID
The University currently provides photo-identification badges (SLU IDs) for all faculty, staff, and student workers to provide a method to effectively verify their identity, to communicate their affiliation with the University, and to gain authorized access to facilities, including restricted areas. The SLU ID includes the individual's name, academic credentials, and department or unit affiliation.

All faculty, staff, and student workers will wear their SLU ID when officially representing the University and during working hours while on the University's premises in a manner where the photograph and identifying information can be easily viewed. Individuals may not authorize another person to use their SLU ID for any reason.

All faculty and staff are responsible for replacing the SLU IDs whenever their personal appearance has substantially changed, a name change, or change in academic credential or departmental transfer has occurred. There will be no charge as long as the current SLU ID is turned in at the time of the replacement. All lost, damaged and stolen SLU ID will be replaced at the employee's expense and should be reported immediately to the Department of Parking and I Services or the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

The SLU ID is SLU property. Defacing, altering, unauthorized possession, transfer, use or reproduction of a SLU ID is prohibited and may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

The Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness will coordinate the signing-in and temporary identification badges for business invitees and other visitors at the designated University locations where DPS monitors the building entrances.

5.2 Billiken Bucks
Staff, faculty, and students may open a Billiken Bucks account. This debit account program allows employees to deposit money into an account and make purchases against their accounts at University dining facilities, coffee shops, convenience stores and the bookstore by having their SLU ID swiped. Parking and Card Services provides service to open a Billiken Bucks account.

5.3 Parking
Parking and Card Services provides information on University parking options. Parking fees are paid through payroll deduction, and parking permits may be obtained by visiting the Parking and Card Services offices located in DuBourg Hall, Room 33 and Caroline Building, Room 008.


Parking and Card Services will produce, issue, and track all SLU ID.

Managers and supervisors will enforce this policy by monitoring and consistently requiring compliance.

SLU ID holders must comply with a reasonable request by a University official, authorized University agent, or law enforcement official to properly identify oneself upon request for the purpose of confirming identity, gaining access to facilities or services, maintaining compliance with laws, regulations, and University policies, or such other purposes that are reasonable under the circumstances.


Supervisors have discretion to address negligent or irresponsible failure to wear or produce the SLU ID through corrective counseling or the performance evaluation depending upon the frequency and disruption to the particular unit.


Parking & Card Services web page (


This policy has been approved by the President's Executive Staff, Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, and Staff Advisory Committee Executive Board. 

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