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The iLEAD Certificate : Benefits of Participation

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Completing iLEAD 101 is a significant accomplishment, and therefore we recognize students who complete iLEAD 101 with a certificate of completion recognizing their development of basic servant leadership skills, and a leadership portfolio.

Students who choose to complete iLEAD 201: Discerning Servant Leadership and iLEAD 301: Advancing Servant Leadership will also receive a document of certification, recognizing their development as Servant Leaders, cords to wear at graduation, a leadership portfolio, co-curricular transcript, and the skills and knowledge necessary to transform the world.

The Intangible Benefits

Students who choose to complete all three phases of the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to transform the world. Saint Louis University students who choose to serve others and lead as Servants are better equipped to not only tackle the tough issues that the world is facing, but are uniquely qualified to work in solidarity with others to help bring about transformative change.

The experiences and awareness that you will build while participating in iLEAD will transfer into any arena in the world. You will be prepared to take on new and exciting roles and work in dynamic and challenging teams and organizations.

The Tangible Benefits

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Upon completing the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience, student's will receive a Certificate in Servant Leadership from Saint Louis University. This certificate is a non-credit bearing certificate. Students often will list this certificate under the "honors and activities" section of their resume.

Students who complete iLEAD 101 will also receive a certificate of completion, signifying their development if the ideal skills of a Servant Leader.

Honor Cords

Honor cords are worn at graduation and are a symbol of high academic achievement in a certain area. the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience's honor cords are white and blue, to signify the colors of SLU.

Leadership Portfolio

A transcript will be provided to students who complete the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience, which will list the programs and workshops completed as well as the skills and competency areas attained.

Leadership Transcript

At the conclusion of the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience, students will attend a final Capstone Meeting, during which they will receive their certificate, cords, and transcript. The ceremony is a time for celebration and reflection.

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