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iLEAD 101: Exploring Servant Leadership, teaches students the six ideal skills of a Servant Leader. Through the development of these skills, students will be prepared to take on leadership roles within student organizations as well as in the local community.

About iLEAD 101

iLEAD 101 LogoiLEAD 101 is the first phase of the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience. Although it is the first of three phases, iLEAD 101 also serves as a standalone certificate program.

Students can complete the iLEAD 101 Certificate program in one semester. During the semester, students will attend a 9-session seminar facilitated by an experienced instructor. Six of the nine sessions are held in a classroom-setting of about 20 students, while the other three are held as a larger community-wide keynote address by a prominent Servant Leader in the community.

We recommend iLEAD 101 for all first year students at SLU, but the program is certainly open to everyone.

Essential Components of iLEAD 101

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One Semester

Students participate in iLEAD 101 over the course of 1 semester. Students will meet in a classroom-setting for the seminar portion and attend keynote addresses for the cohort portion.

Skills Seminar

Students will attend a semi-weekly seminar facilitated by an experienced instructor. The Seminar addresses the "six ideal skills of Servant Leadership" as well as provides an overview of the qualities of being a Servant Leader. Participants of iLEAD 101 will be required to attend all 7 seminar classes in order to complete the program.

Meaningful Service

Students will choose a service site that is of interest to them and complete 15 hours of service at that one site during the semester. The site can be whatever students may choose, but it all 15 hours should be at the same location. Doing service at the same site will enable students to formulate connections with the community.

Keynote Addresses

Each participant will attend 3 keynote addresses held in between the 6 seminar classes. Keynote addresses will be given by prominent Servant Leaders in the community. After the address, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on what the speaker said as well as how it relates to their experiences.

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Magis Portfolio

All iLEAD participants will develop and maintain a portfolio, which will document all of their accomplishments and reflections within the iLEAD program.

Club Involvement

Students are required to join at least 2 clubs/organizations during their two semesters in the program. This enables you to test out what you are learning in the workshops and then reflect upon them in the Cohort.

Capstone Ceremony

Upon completion of the iLEAD 101 requirements, each participant will attend a capstone meeting and ceremony. At this meeting, participants will reflect on their experiences in small groups as well as recognize their accomplishments throughout the program.



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