In Memoriam

Condolences are extended to the following individual(s) and/or their families, who will be remembered in our thoughts and prayers:


Sympathy is extended to Annette Adams on the loss of her mother, Suzanne (Sue) Leonard, on July 15.
Annette is the business manager for Facilities Administration.

There will be no visitation or funeral.

Department contact: Fay Ellatif at 977-7513.



Sympathy is extended to Donna Dohack on the loss of her father, Donald Ballard, on June 29. Donna is a medical care coordinator for Internal Medicine - DOB.

Visitation and funeral services were held in Fairview Heights, Illinois, last week.

Department contact: Barbara Schmaltz at 977-6063.



Sympathy is extended to Nancy Culbert on the loss of her father, Robert E. Murphy, on June 22. Nancy is the program manager admin., Public Health.

A Memorial Mass will be held at 10 a.m., Friday, June 26, at Saint Clement of Rome, 1510 Bopp Road, Des Peres, Missouri, 63131.

Department contact: Mary Krieg at 977-2358.


Items included on the In Memoriam page are provided by the department of human resources. Notifications of death should be submitted to human resources directly. For more information, review the notification of death policy.

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