Saint Louis University

How IAUC Works

The IAUC program is designed for students who are planning to enroll in a global university. The program provides the opportunity to earn university course credit while completing secondary school. Tuition is offered at a lower rate than what a traditional university student would pay.

Saint Louis University partners with international secondary schools to offer quality university credit at a discounted tuition rate to your child. Your child will learn the same course content as a student sitting in a classroom on our physical campus. The courses are taught using the same syllabus and textbooks used here at Saint Louis University.

Depending on the number of courses offered at the secondary school, the student could potentially earn full semester(s) of university credit before beginning his or her on-campus university studies. Many other U.S. universities also accept IAUC credit.

Admission Requirements

Students must be in good academic sanding and proficient in English.

Students who are successful in the IAUC course(s) are offered general admission to SLU. The university may require students to take additional steps and/or meet specific academic standards for admission to certain programs.