Saint Louis University

IAUC Participant Schools

The following schools are currently participating in the IAUC program:


Kunming No. 1 Secondary School
Established in 1905, it is a grade one of level one secondary school of Yunnan Province. There are 49 senior secondary school classes with more than 3000 students, 4 chief senior teachers of Kunming City, 10 special grade teachers (in-service), and 88 senior teachers.

Saint Louis University is a charter member of the Jiangsu Education Services for International Education (JESIE) consortium. JESIE is the first entity in China dedicated to international educational exchange that is recognized by both the provincial and the national governments.

New Oriental
New Oriental was established in 1993 and has 42 branches that provide multiple services, including language training and test preparation. New Oriental operates a secondary school in Beijing called the Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou.

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