Saint Louis University

To obtain a Missouri Driver License or State ID, you need a letter from the Office of International Services - complete this form to request your letter.

  • Driver License & State ID Letter requests require at least 24 hours to process during a normal business week.

  • To avoid delays, ensure that your address is updated in mySLU, that you are registered full-time, and have removed any Holds from your account.

  • Check your email - International Services will contact you regarding any problems with issuing your letter or to confirm that you letter has been issued.

If you have questions, please stop by the Office of International Services.

Information about obtaining a Driver's License in Missouri:

Steps to apply for a Driver's License or Permit in Missouri

Information on the Required Driver Tests (Including Driver Examination information, testing locations, and hours)

Documents required for to obtain a Missouri Driver's License, Permit, or State ID (This list is in addition to the letter from International Services that you obtain by completing the form above.)

  • You can obtain a letter stating you are non-citizen and ineligible for a Social Security Number from the Social Security Administration, learn more here.

Locations and hours for the Department of Revenue - Missouri Driver License Offices (Enter your zip code to find the nearest location.)

Information about Driving School:

The following driving schools can assist you with obtaining the skills needed to obtain your driver's license. These schools do provide student pick-up from campus. Contact them or go to their websites to arrange a pick-up, ask about costs, etc.


Coach Harder Driving School

(314) 222-3938


Missouri Driving School

(314) 849-4523


Savedriver Services Driving School

(314) 374-4603