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Make SLU's international students feel like part of the family.

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Each year Saint Louis University hosts nearly 1,000 international students from 80 different countries. The office of international services strives to make sure our international students feel like members of our SLU family.

Now we invite you to make these international students members of your family, too, by joining the Host Family Program.

What are the benefits for hosts?

  • Make a difference in a student's life by creating memories to last a lifetime
  • Learn about another culture, traditions and customs
  • Expose yourself and your family to a new world of learning

Learn More: What's expected of hosts? | What do students want from the program? | What activities can I do with my international student? | What topics should we discuss?

What's expected of hosts?

  • Meet once per month  with your international student for one academic year
  • Attend the fall and/or spring match day
  • Participate in one or two international services events each semester
  • Show our students you care

What do students want from the program?

  • Social connections and interaction
  • Opportunities to learn about U.S. culture and customs
  • A sense of support and security
  • Increased confidence in speaking English
  • An advocate - someone looking out for their best interests

What activities can I do with my international student?

The office of international services will sponsor monthly, optional activities. Although these planned events are a great way to bring you and your student together, we also encourage you to allow the Billiken spirit to move you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Include the student in what you normally do
  • Invite him or her to your home for a meal, or prepare a meal together
  • Attend SLU's Commencement
  • Visit some of St. Louis' great sites (Zoo, Forest Park, etc.)
  • Provide baked goods or a care package during finals
  • Meet for coffee or tea
  • Celebrate holidays/birthdays/special occasions together

What topics should we discuss?

  • Your family, friends, home and country
  • What you do in your free time
  • What you do for holidays/birthdays/special occasions
  • Photos of events, family and friends
  • Places you have traveled
  • Your favorite places to eat or visit in St. Louis
  • What you studied at SLU; what the student is studying
  • Why you chose SLU; why the student chose SLU

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Lulu Dong, Coordinator of our Host Family Program, at (314) 977-4082 or

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