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Off-campus Housing Options

Please note: This list is intended only as a resource; the Office of International Services and Saint Louis University do not endorse or specifically recommend any particular apartment complex. The list includes what documents you need to rent an apartment if you do not have a Social Security Number. This information is subject to change, so contact the specific complex for more information before applying.

As a residential campus committed to the education of the whole person, all first-time first year students are required to live on campus for four matriculated semesters. The following off-campus housing resources are intended for students who have met this requirement or have been approved for a residency exemption. Students should not make arrangements for alternate housing until they have confirmed with Housing and Residence Life that off-campus living is approved and appropriate.

 To search for St. Louis apartments by location or by features, you can visit the websites below or scan apartment listings on sites such as , , ,,, or

To search for off-campus utilities and home services you can search 

Contact Information Documents Link
SLU Housing
Robert May Hall
3331 Locust
St. Louis, Mo 63103
(314) 242-1440
Passport and Visa Robert May Hall

Flats at Three Seven Four

374 S. Grand

St. Louis, MO 63103

(314) 531-5533

Passport and Visa Flats at 374
SLU Area
(less than 1 mile from campus)

3949 Apartments
3949 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis, Mo 63108
(314) 289-9000

Visa or passport  3949 Apartments
3960 West Pine
(314) 304-3747
Copy of visa Donatello 
Drake Plaza
311 N Leonard Ave
(314) 652-2070
 Original bank statement or copy of scholarship and Passport (or other picture ID) Drake Plaza

Gerhart Lofts

3900 Laclede Ave


314-783-2156 ext108

Driver's license or visa and passport

Proof of income or scholarship letter

Additional deposit may be required

Gerhart Lofts


Jackson Arms
4482 Lindell Blvd.
(314) 535-6466
Co-signer with credit in the U.S., additional deposit, and picture ID
4166 Lindell
(314) 304-3747
Copy of visa Leonardo

The Lindell Strip
3701 Lindell Blvd
(314) 561-6400

Passport and Visa  Lindell Strip
Lin Van All-Inclusive Apartments
3906 Lindell Blvd
(314) 287-3205
Driver's License or Passport Lin Van Apartments
Maryland Gardens
4366 Maryland
(314) 304-3747
Copy of visa  Maryland Gardens
Maryland Lofts
4340 Maryland
(314) 304-3747
Copy of visa  Maryland Lofts
Metro Lofts
4545 Forest Park Blvd
(314) 367-2400
Driver's License or other IDs (visa, I-20, passport), social security number, I-94 card, and additional deposit Metro Lofts

4049 West Pine
(314) 304-3747

Copy of visa


3907 West Pine
(314) 304-3747

Copy of visa


PW Shoe Loft Apartments
3427-3441 Locust
(314) 721-8427
Passport, visa PW Shoe Loft Apartments 
Saum & Hutcheson Arms Apartments
1919 S. Grand Ave
(314) 685-1130
Passport, acceptance letter from SLU, or other proof of income Saum & Hutcheson Apartments
Spring Street Lofts
190 Spring Street
Spring Street Lofts

The Standard St. Louis

3706 Laclede Ave

(314) 534-9248

Passport, Additional Deposit or Guarantor The Standard St. Louis
Towne House
4400 Lindell Blvd.
(314) 535-4400
Passport and additional deposit or someone to be the guarantee

University Heights Lofts
3720 Laclede Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63108
Fax: 314-535-3027

Visa or Passport
Copy of I-20
Proof of income or scholarship
University Heights Lofts
Westminster Place
4005 Westminster
(314) 533-8330
Co-signer with Social Security Number


Central West End
(1 mile from campus)
Aventura at Forest Park
4431 Choteau Ave
(314) 499-1307
Aventura at Forest Park
Congress & Senate
275 Union Blvd.
(866) 373-1719
Convent Gardens
4497 Pershing Ave.
Convent Gardens 

Chase Park Plaza

212 N. Kingshighway

St. Louis, MO 63108

(314) 633-3000

Chase Park Plaza

Del Coronado
4949 West Pine
(314) 367-4949
Extra Deposit Apartment Guide Info
Ellsworth Apts
4405 West Pine
(314) 531-1636
  Apartment Guide Info
7 Maryland Plaza
(888) 352-8938
  Apartment St. Louis Info
Georgian Court Apartments
5660 Kingsbury Ave
Passport and I-20  
Monclair on the Park
18 S. Kingshighway
(314) 361-0540
Copy of Visa, Extra Deposit Apartment Guide Info
Parc Frontenac
40 N. Kingshighway
(314) 367-8225
Passport, visa, original financial statement, and deposit  Parc Frontenac
Park 44
4444 West Pine
(888) 897-5343
 Park 44 (Banner Apartments)
4545 Laclede Ave
(314) 361-2955

Letter to Verify Full Time Student, Double Deposit
4615 Lindell Blvd.
(314) 367-1207
Social Security Number Apartments St. Louis
West End Terrace
4466 Greenwich Ct.
(314) 533-8444
West Pine Terrace
4530 West Pine
(314) 361-2955

Letter to Verify Full Time Student, Double Deposit
Cathedral Courts Apartments
4360-72 Lindell Blvd
(314) 725-1899


Driver's license or copy of passport  Management Web Site
(3 miles from campus)
Gentrys Landing
400 N. 4th St.
(888) 455-6710
Copy of Passport, Proof of Enrollment Apartment Guide Info
Hampton Gardens
5927 Suson Place 2
(314) 832-1562
Possible Extra Deposit
Mansion House
300 N. 4th St.
(314) 241-9700
Apartment Locator Company Apartment Guide Info
Merchandise Mart
1000 Washington Ave
(314) 436-6800
Varies Apartment Guide Info
New Jefferson Arms
415 N. Tucker Blvd.
(888) 388-4418
Copy of Visa Apartment Guide Info
Cityview Apartments
110 N 17th St. #102
St Louis Mo 63103
Copy of Passport Apartment Guide Info
(4 miles from campus)
Lofts of Lafayette Sq
1119 Mississippi Ave
(866) 426-3261
Copy of Visa, Double Deposit For Rent Information
Senate Square
1921 A Sidney
(314) 771-0118
Copy of Visa, Passport, I-20 Apartment Guide Info
South Grand -- Tower Grove and Surroundings
(5 miles or more from campus)
Many of the properties in this area are independently owned thus one of the best ways to find an apartment is by driving around the area.
The Hill
Many of the properties in this area are independently owned thus one of the best ways to find an apartment is by driving around the area.
Georgetown Apts.
7808 Chatwell Dr
(888) 475-1383
Copy of Passport,
Extra Deposit
Apartment Guide Info
University City ("U City") and The Loop
(3 miles from campus)
Delmar Loop Apts.
Delmar Loop
(314) 862-2685
Varies, May need Extra Deposit  
8669 Old Towne Dr.
(314) 997-0345
Social Security Number Apartment Guide Info
Villages of Wyncrest
8640 Brookshire
(314) 991-3150
Social Security Number
(5 miles from campus)
665 South Skinker
(314) 721-8181
Family Bank Statement Apartment Guide Info
Maple Lawn Village
7734 Bartold Ave
(314) 781-6031
Copy of I-94, Visa, Proof of Ability to Pay Apartment Guide Info

Maplewood Village
7223 Anna Ave
(314) 647-7368
Varies, may have to pay rent ahead of time Apartment Guide Info


Garden District Apartments
4464 Russell Boulevard
Passport and I-20  
Park Forest Apartments
7529 Fleta
St. Louis, MO
(866) 272-7184
Acceptance Letter from SLU Apartment Website
211 Bellevue Ave
Maplewood, MO
(314) 647-4847
Social Security Number  Apartment Guide Info
Stanford Place
9313 Manchester
(314) 961-3099
Co-Signer with a Social Security Number Apartment Guide Info
Woodson Park
100 Kalen Drive
(314) 428-2145

Copy of I-20, Visa

Apartment Guide Info
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