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On-campus Housing
Living on campus gives you easy access to all that Saint Louis University has to offer -- dining, academic assistance and more. SLU's Housing and Residence Life department will help you find the place that is right for you. Please note: Some on-campus housing closes during major University breaks, such as winter vacation, spring break, etc.

Department of Housing & Residence Life
(314) 977-2811
DuBourg Hall, Rm 157

Living in a SLU residence hall or apartment will provide you with a unique opportunity to study and socialize with American students. You will meet new people, learn about different cultures and interact with the student community. Involve­ment with the University community will strengthen your SLU experience and help you better understand American culture. Your Resident Advisor (RA) or the Department of Housing and Residence Life can provide information regarding activities and programs that foster community and develop­ment. You are strongly encouraged to participate in these programs.

Resident Advisors
Each residence hall and apartment building has multiple Resident Advisors (RAs). The role of a Resident Advisor is to supervise and advise students. Your RA is a great resource and can answer many of the questions you have about St. Louis and living on campus. If you are experiencing problems with your roommates, campus food, or any other aspect of campus living, you should talk with your RA first before seeking other help.

Living off campus
All first- and second-year undergraduate students are required to live on campus. After that, if looking for off campus apartments, consider the following:

  • Length of the lease: When can you move in and out?
  • Your monthly budget: What can you afford?
  • Distance from school & transportation: How will I get to school?
  • Safety: Is this neighborhood safe?
  • If you will have roommates: How many rooms will I need?

If you need a place to stay for a few nights before taking residence in your regular housing, find a hotel at or near Saint Louis University's campus.


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