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Money & Banking

U.S. currency is based on the dollar. Dollars are made of paper and are also known as bills, bucks, or cash. They are printed in green and come in de­nominations of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, & $100. Coins are produced in silver and copper. The penny (one cent) is the only copper colored coin. The nickel (five cents) is larger than a penny. The dime (ten cents) is the smallest coin, and the quar­ter (25 cents) is larger than the nickel. A one dol­lar gold coin is legal tender and might be given as change from the post office.

US Bank ( has an office on our campus, located on the lower level of the Busch Student Center. They offer full banking services, including checking and savings accounts. To open an account, you will need your passport, your local address, and at least $100 USD in the form of a check or cash. It is recom­mended to open a checking account soon after your arrival in the United States so that you may use a personal check with your name, address, and account number to pay bills (such as tele­phone) and when making other purchases. Although theft is not a problem on SLU's campus, storing cash in your residence hall or apartment is prohibited.

US Bank also operates two ATMs on campus. They are located in DuBourg and Fusz Halls.

Other full service banks available in the St. Louis area include Bank of America, Commerce Bank, and UMB.

Carrying Money
Do not carry or keep large sums of cash or valu­ables in your residence hall or apartment. Deposit money into a bank account. Valuables such as jewelry or important documents can be stored in a safety deposit box at your bank. The federal govern­ment insures most U.S. banks (look for the term "FDIC"); therefore, your de­posits are guaranteed.

When traveling, do not carry large amounts of cash with you. Purchase traveler's checks from your bank. If these are stolen or lost, they can be re­placed.

Billiken Bucks
Your picture student I.D. serves as your identifica­tion card for university purposes (i.e. entry to the library, gym, and computer labs, and to borrow books and equipment). You also can deposit money into a Billiken Bucks account, which operates much like an ATM card. This card can be used to purchase food and other items on campus and in nearby restaurants. To purchase Billiken Bucks, go to the Department of Parking and Card Services in DuBourg Hall 33.

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