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International Scholars and Employees

Who is an international scholar?
International scholars may be faculty members, postdoctoral research fellows, visiting scholars or medical residents. International scholars hold temporary, non-immigrant visas.

Types of Non-immigrant Visas
The Office of International Services (OIS) can help an international scholar or employee with:

J-1 Visa
H-1B Visa
B-1 or B-2 Visa
O Visa
TN Visa

How can my department bring international scholars or employees to SLU?
1. The department must make the appropriate arrangements for the scholar or employee's University appointment. If the appointment is a non-salaried one, the department should confirm that sufficient funding is available for the scholar.

2. The department should consult the Office of International Services (OIS) to begin the paperwork for processing a visa document or a visa petition. Four months is not too early to begin any type of visa application.

Please note: OIS is the only Saint Louis University resource knowledgeable in current U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration (formerly known as Immigration and Naturalization (INS)) regulations, so it is important that prospective international visiting scholars, researchers or medical residents and their departments consult only with OIS on immigration issues.

OIS also processes visa information for the scholar's dependent family members, if they will be coming to the United States with the scholar.

What if our international scholar is new to the U.S. and needs a Social Security number?

Information on Social Security numbers for International Scholars is linked here.

Does OIS help international scholars once they are at SLU?
OIS assists scholars and any accompanying family members with the settling-in process, employment permission and other concerns.

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