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Saint Louis University Writing Examination

All international students (ESL, undergraduate, and graduate students) should have received an e-mail with information about the SLUWE exam. Any exemptions from this exam are determined at the time of your Admission (undergraduate students) or determined by your department (graduate students).  The SLUWE is a writing skills assessment and will help your Advisors to better recommend the appropriate class selection for your academic success.

To prepare for your SLUWE, study this learning module prepared by SLU's ESL instructors and SLUWE administrators:

*Note the Graduate SLUWE differs in length and content from the Undergraduate SLUWE.  This module is best suited for preparing for the Undergraduate SLUWE.  For additional resources to prepare for the Graduate SLUWE, contact the ESL Department

If you are unable to access Youtube, you can access this video on Youku.

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