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Maintaining Your Status

When you get a student visa, you must follow a set of requirements. Those who follow the requirements "maintain status" and ensure their ability to remain in the United States. Those who do not follow the requirements violate their status and are considered "out of status." If you do not maintain your visa status, you could be required to leave the United States and possibly not readmitted to the country.

If you fall out of status for reasons beyond your control, you may be eligible to apply for a reinstatement of status. Contact your International Counselor to learn if that is an option for you.

To Maintain Your Status:

Upon Arrival to SLU

  • Attend International Orientation 

  • Visit OIS within the first week of classes with your I-20 or DS-2019, passport and your local address. You will be registered in SEVIS to remain in legal status.

During Your Study at SLU

Ending Your Studies

  • Extend your I-20 or DS-2019 if you need additional time to complete your program of study. 

  • Notify OIS if you will transfer out to a new school. 

  • Complete required tax forms (even if you do not have income)

Other Requirements

  • Report any dependents (spouse or children) to OIS.  They should be aware of the regulations concerning their dependent status.

  • Each individual with J-1 and J-2 visa status must prove insurance coverage.

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