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2017 Grueber Awards

The 11th annual Paul Garcia Lecture in International Studies, named for the founder of the International Studies program, Prof. Paul Garcia, was held on Tuesday, April 18th in the Center for Global Citizenship. The event was cosponsored by the Center for Intercultural Studies, the Center for Global Citizenship, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, the Film Studies program, and the Department of Political Science.

Before the lecture, the annual Grueber Award winners were recognized. The Grueber Awards for Globalization at Saint Louis University have been awarded annually since 2010 to members of the SLU community who share in the innovative and daring spirit of Johann Grueber, an early Jesuit, who made and recorded the first overland trek from China to India by a European. The winners of the Grueber awards are recognized for advancing the international and global mission of Saint Louis University.

2017 Grueber Award Recipients

From left to right: Sam Shreve, Rosemary Bornstein, Lori Turner Corzine, Dr. Ajlina Karamehic-Muratovic, and Dr. David Borgmeyer, Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for International Studies.

About the 2017 Grueber Award winners:

Dr. Ajlina Karamehic-Muratovic, assistant professor of Sociology. A native of Bosnia, she has been making outstanding contributions to internationalization through her work with the over 70,000 strong local Bosnian community - most of them refugees or their children. Her research has focused on mental health care systems in immigrant communities and the consequences of multi-generational trauma. She is an affiliate faculty member of the Center for International Studies, has helped teach globalization courses and traveled to Mumbai, India to lecture and research, and much more. For her many contributions to globalization on our campus in the classroom, in her scholarship, and in service to the university and the wider community, Dr. Karamehic-Muratovic is awarded a Grueber Award.

Ms. Lori Turner Corzine, administrative secretary in the Center for International Studies. Lori has been a key to the success of International Studies at SLU since she came on board over two years ago. A talented singer, she has become a favorite at Atlas Week concerts, and has supported hundreds of students and faculty and visitors to campus behind the scenes. Lori is a member of the SLU Bicentennial committee and Staff Advisory Committee. Scores of international events (like this one), conferences, and more simple events would not happen without Lori and her faith and quiet, untiring efforts. For her unsung work to drive internationalization in the Center for International Studies and its many partners, Lori Turner Corzine is awarded a Grueber Award.

Ms. Rosemary Bornstein, SLU undergraduate student. Rosemary arrived on SLU's campus already internationally-oriented and speaking Romanian - courtesy of a gap year abroad. She will graduate summa cum laude with triple majors in Public Health, French, and International Studies. After spending a full year in Lyon, France she was placed in the extremely competitive State Department's summer internship program in the US Embassy in Luxembourg, where she staffed the Secretary of State on his visit. She is the co-President of Sigma Iota Rho, the International Studies honor society, winner of the Spirit of the Billiken Award and the James Collins Award. She is a campus leader in these and so many other ways. Rosemary will soon start work at the Saint Louis Art Museum. Her infectious attitude and indefatigable work in the classroom, among her fellow students, and around the world, make it a great pleasure to award her a Grueber Award.

Mr. Samuel Shreve, SLU undergraduate student. Sam is an outstanding International Studies major, combined with majors in Public Health and Italian. He studied in Bologna, but also traveled to Cuba to study the health care system, and participated in an international youth leadership congress in Thailand. He also completed an internship in his native Kansas City working with urban immigrant farming communities and food security. On campus, he is co-President of Sigma Iota Rho. He is also one of SLU's four Fulbright Award winners this year, and will head (back) to Italy after graduation. For his many accomplishments here and abroad, Samuel Shreve is awarded a Grueber Award.

Congratulations to all our award winners!


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