International Studies Internship Policies

The International Studies Internship can be considered the capstone or culmination of student's academic career as an International Studies major. As such, it is vitally important that students consider the internship as an integral part of their career, and as a bridge to both future study and employment. The staff of the Center for International Studies is happy to discuss these points with students, and provides ongoing mentoring on the subject at the outset of a student's declaration of the major.

Students should be advised of the following policies related to the internship:

  • Students MUST secure the internship BEFORE the beginning of semester in which they register for the internship course. In other words, students should be actively pursuing an internship before the semester begins.
  • Students are not allowed to switch internships mid-semester, nor are students allowed to complete the requirements of the internship by working at two sites for half the time. Students are expected to immerse themselves in their internship for the equivalent of 140 hours throughout the semester.

  • Freshman and Sophomores are only allowed to register for the internship under special circumstances Juniors may be allowed to register for the internship (particularly if they have already studied abroad and have completed a majority of their degree requirements). The interns should bring their academic, study abroad, and language experiences to the project, which usually can only be accomplished in their Senior year.

  • Students must gain formal approval for their internship with the Center for International Studies BEFORE the semester begins.

  • Students must locate an off-campus internship site, whether local or further afield. A number of internationally-oriented on-campus internship course opportunities are available for students. These on-campus internships may count as International Studies electives, but beginning Fall 2015 these will NOT satisfy the International Studies Internship requirement. Students who would like to consider one of these on-campus possibilities MUST consult with the Center for International Studies in the semester BEFORE they register for the internship. In such cases, students will ALSO need to complete an off-campus internship to satisfy the requirement for the International Studies major.

  • If a student finds that their particular internship site is not providing the experience that they desire and they wish to terminate the internship, the student will be advised to take an Incomplete for that semester and undertake another internship within the following two semesters. When this occurs the student will be required to restart the total number of hours at the new internship.
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