Saint Louis University

International Studies allows for individualized areas of study according to a student's area of concentration within the following curricular framework:

  • Proficiency in a Modern Language - The student has completed the required  coursework or tested out of the appropriate modern language class.  Proficiency is not the  same as getting a minor in a Modern Language, and many times requires less  coursework. 
  • Study Abroad - Study Abroad programs are available for one year, one semester or  for the summer     based  on each student's schedule. 
  • International Studies Internship (ISTD 4910) - Students must meet with an  International Studies advisor before selecting an internship to count for  credit. 
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA at the time of graduation.
  • Interdisciplinary coursework of 31 hours (see checklist below):
    INTERNATIONAL STUDIES CHECKLIST   (International Studies Major Checklist)