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About Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS Mission Statement

Support and enhance the vision, mission and values of Saint Louis University by providing effective and reliable information technology services founded on the business requirements of our academic, clinical, research and administrative customers.

ITS Strategic Plan

As the primary provider of technology and technology services at Saint Louis University, the Information Technology Services (ITS) division is committed to growth and innovation that is in line with the University mission and vision. With this in mind, a strategic plan was developed to help establish direction, focus division efforts on clear priorities, operate more efficiently, and build confidence and trust across the University.

ITS Framing Principles

The following framing principles are the philosophy by which we conduct business:

  • Customer First: Focus on building and delivering services that meet or exceed customer needs
  • Invest Wisely: Manage the prioritization and allocation of technology resources in alignment with the University strategies and goals
  • Transparency: Actively engage the University community in two-way communication
  • Build to Last: Establish clear processes and policies to support and enable consistency, reliability, security, and performance
  • Raise the Bar: Cultivate a mission-driven, results-oriented, high-performance culture

ITS 2015 Division Goals

  • Process Improvement - Implementation of optimized processes that ensure consistent high quality in the delivery of services, alignment with industry best practices, and enables the ITS Division to become a more transparent and flexible organization.
  • Fiscal Stewardship - Creation of a technology service portfolio that encapsulates all ITS technology costs. Identification of technology delivery strategies to assist in the prevention of under or over spending on services contained within the technology service portfolio in alignment to University service quality requirements.
  • Communications & Transparency - Development of macro and micro-level strategies for increased communication effectiveness with University constituencies. Increase the inclusion of the larger technology community in the sourcing, vetting, and decision-making process.
  • Planning & Reporting - Creation of a strategic technology plan that aligns with University goals. Development of tactics that embrace the future needs of SLU which will provide an industry competitive advantage. Completion of a reporting ecosystem that provides key metrics for executive, senior, and mid-level staff that will assist the University in making strategic decisions regarding the technology portfolio.
  • Architecture of the Future - Review the IT practices, policies, and technologies in support of an overall technology architecture that enables flexibility/agility for our constituents in a reliable, secure, and supportable manner.

 Services within the ITS division 

  • Academic Technologies Group implements and supports reliable, scalable technologies that enable and enhance the delivery of teaching and learning to anyone, anywhere at any time.
  • Business Operations includes ITS Business Services, which is responsible for managing the budget, contracts, and training of the ITS division; ITS Communications; and ITS Projects and Plans Group, which establishes standards and processes to assist in managing ITS projects.
  • Chief Technology Officer and team members collaborate with Research Technology to provide support for faculty and students' research initiatives.
  • Customer Service Group assists all students, staff and faculty with accessing and utilizing SLU applications and systems, as well as providing support for clinical and research functions of SLUCare and the School of Medicine.
  • Enterprise Products Group is responsible for all Banner products, the email and calendar system, and other enterprise products.
  • Infrastructure Operations Group maintains and operates campus-wide voice and data networks, servers and data centers.
  • IT Security and Compliance ensures compliance with laws by developing, documenting and maintaining policies, standards and best practices to secure SLU's information assets.

ITS Recognition

If you'd like to recognize a member of ITS for excelling in areas such as, but not limited to, customer service, financial efficiency, creative ingenuity, and promotion of the ITS division, please fill out the Google Form provided here

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