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January Survey Results Summary

In order to better track and report the satisfaction of its customers, Information Technology Services (ITS) began conducting quarterly surveys of the University community in January. One fourth of the SLU community was randomly selected to receive the survey, and was asked to rate technology services at the University such as connectivity and access, technology and collaboration services, support and training.

Service areas that are meeting the expectations of the SLU community include:

  • Accessing important campus Web sites and online services from my tablet or other mobile device
  • Having campus technology services available that improve and enhance my collaboration with others
  • Technology support staff who are consistently courteous and thoughtful
  • Technology support staff who are knowledgeable and can help me resolve problems with campus technology services
  • Receiving timely communications regarding campus technology services, explained in a relevant and easy-to-understand form
  • Getting access to training or other self-help information that can enable me to become more effective in my use of campus technology services

Some of the comments we received regarding the above items include:

"Being a Google Campus has been quite useful. I use Drive almost daily. Fuze has been a useful too, with only a few hiccups along the way."

"It is nice to work with people who are courteous and thoughtful. Even a technology failure and classroom delays are easier to take when working with a person who expresses empathy and concern."

Services areas that are not meeting the expectations of the SLU community include:

  • Having a campus Internet service that is reliable and that operates consistently across campus
  • Having a campus Internet service that is fast and that provides speedy access to websites and rapid downloads
  • Having wireless Internet coverage in all of the places that are important to me on campus
  • Having adequate cellular coverage in all of the places that are important to me on campus 
  • Having technology within classrooms or other meeting areas that enhances the presentation and sharing of information
  • Getting timely resolution to problems that I am experiencing with campus technology solutions

Some of the comments we received regarding the areas not meeting expectations include:

"This [Campus Internet] is a basic service that needs to be so reliable it is not noticed or commented about."

"The wi-fi is not fast or consistent enough to use many services that require the transmission of audio or video materials in many places when not using an Ethernet cable and sometimes even during that."

The results of the first round have been reviewed carefully by leaders in ITS. In some situations, plans were in place to continue to improve on such issues as slow Internet speed and unreliable connectivity prior to this survey. The results and feedback from the survey now serve as important evidence in support of these issues being addressed.

The survey has also brought other issues to ITS's attention. Improved faculty and staff training on classroom and conference room technology was a frequent suggestion in the open response section. As a result, existing training is being reviewed and an updated plan is being developed.

To see many of the key words mentioned in the open response section, view the word map below. The larger the word, the more frequently it was used.

The next survey will be distributed to the next fourth of the SLU population via email on Wednesday, April 2. The survey will be available through a link in an email from David Hakanson, Vice President and CIO, sent via

ITS would like to thank those that received the survey and provided feedback. If you did not receive the survey in January, you will be selected at random during one of the two other times the survey will be sent this year. Each member of SLU will only receive the survey once a year.

Word Map

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