Technology Satisfaction Survey FAQs

Why is the survey being conducted?

To gather metrics on the level of satisfaction the University community has with ITS products and services.

The TechQual+ core survey contains 19 items designed to measure the performance of the following four core commitments: 1) Connectivity and Access, 2) Technology and Collaboration Services, 3) Support and Training, and 4) Service Portfolio.

How often will the surveys be conducted? Who will be included in the survey?
Surveys will be conducted 4 times a year. A random selection of students, faculty and staff will be included in each survey.

How do I respond to the survey?
To begin, follow the survey link and enter your survey ID. The survey ID is unique to you and allows you to start the survey and finish it later. You should not forward this survey ID to other individuals as they will be able to see the feedback you entered.

For each IT service outcome, respondents are asked to specify (on a scale of 1 to 9) their expectations for minimum service level (the lowest level of performance acceptable), desired service level (the level of service they want), and the perceived performance relative to their minimum and desired service levels.

Is my information anonymous and confidential?
Confidentiality of all survey results is maintained and SLU removes all identifying respondent information from the database once the survey is complete. Procedures to ensure confidentiality have been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board of Seaver College at Pepperdine University.

Will I be reminded if I don't complete the survey?
Yes, the TechQual survey system will only remind those that have not fully completed the survey. 

What is the definition of "Main Campus"?
The "main campus" is the entire University (excludes Madrid) per the MarCom style guide. SLU's two official campuses are St. Louis and Madrid.

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