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Q&A Your Way to Lunch

Do you have an IT security or compliance question but you don’t know whom to ask? Send your question to IT Security and Compliance (ITSC) within ITS and get entered to win a gift card to one of the local eateries. On the last Thursday of each month, we’ll select a question and winner and answer your questions in Newslink’s monthly ITS Security Tip. 

This month's question was submitted by Mike Bamber, Program Director for Military Outreach: "Is Symantec Endpoint Protection appropriate for use on home computers? I read a story about it in PC magazine that describes it as a product for businesses.”

Answer: The answer to your question is, Yes. Symantec Endpoint protection is what we currently use at the University and we also offer it to our employees for personal computers as well. Visit the software downloads page on the ITS website and you will find information on how to download the software for personal computers.

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