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Symantec Drive Encryption (PGP)

Saint Louis University is implementing full disk encryption across campus, as announced in Newslink on November 13, 2014. The software, Symantec Drive Encryption (also known as PGP) is being pushed to computers with assistance from department IT staff. This effort is recommended by senior leadership and HIPAA Task Force to target all Windows 7 laptops that connect to the SLU network and are used to access sensitive data or store information on the hard drive.

Benefits of Encryption

  • Encryption provides an additional level of protection for patient, staff and student information. 
  • It helps prevent unauthorized access to data on the SLU network or individual hard drives. 
  • It also shields the University from costly reporting requirements and fines that can result when laptops suspected of containing sensitive information are lost or stolen.

Encrypting your Hard Drive

  • Download and install the encryption software
  • Enroll in the encryption software
    • When the software finishes installing, a popup window will ask you to enter your SLU Net ID and password. The PGP software enrollment and encryption process will begin. (PDF steps to enroll in PGP)
  • Complete encrypting your computer
    • It may then take several hours for your hard drive to be encrypted, but during this time, the laptop will continue to function so that work can be completed.
    • Keeping your laptop plugged in to power and connected to a cable for Internet access will help keep the laptop powered on and make for a faster connection to the server for completing the encryption process.
    • Follow the progress of your encryption. (PDF steps to access the PGP desktop for progress)
Using Encrypted Computers
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