Saint Louis University

IT Support Services

Phone, Chat, and Email Support

ITS has partnered with Blackboard, Inc. to provide telephone and email services available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. This exciting partnership allows the SLU community to receive tier one technical support and submit support requests whenever it is convenient.

Phone: 314-977-4000 or toll free 1-844-348-3957



On-Site Support

ITS has centralized all IT support staff into a set of zoned groups instead of having individuals dedicated to a specific academic/administrative unit. The on-site support groups are outlined in the following graphics. The individuals in each group will be walking through the buildings within their area to provide IT support and to check with faculty, staff and students regarding the quality of their technology. SLUCare IT support staff will continue to focus on the departments where they currently serve.

North Campus

North Campus Zone Map

South Campus

South Campus Zone