Saint Louis University

This University implements controls within the technical environment to ensure stability and security and lay the foundation for internal and external audit compliance. 

Logical Access

The goal of the logical access process is to ensure standardization across all information systems and ensure all appropriate data owners are contacted, informed and approve each user access request.  Implementing Key Controls for application security is essential to achieve this goal.

One of the Key Controls to logical access is that user password requirements are established and required.  These password controls apply to all SLU user accounts.

If you log in to your computer locally but access University data, you will be temporarily unable to retrieve folders or files until your SLU Net password has been changed to meet the requirements.

Change Management

Change management is a rigorous set of processes that ensures system and application changes are implemented in a visible, controlled and orderly fashion.  Twelve Key Controls complement the change management practices in use at SLU.