Saint Louis University

Getting rid of old, unused or unwanted computer equipment is as simple as filling out a ticket in FAMIS, Facilities Services ticketing system. If your IT staff hasn't instructed otherwise, you can enter a ticket for yourself via FAMIS on the Tools tab in
  • Go to
  • Click the Login button on the left-hand side
  • Enter your SLU Net ID and password, then click Login
  • Click on the Tools tab at the top of the screen
  • Then click on the Facilities Service Request button
  • Enter your SLU Net ID and password to login
  • Select your Site
  • Select your building
  • Select your Floor/Room if applicable
  • Click on Service Request on the bottom-right of the screen
  • Click on Create Service Request
  • Verify the contact information and enter an Alternate Requestor if applicable, then click Next
  • Select K -Recycling from the available services
  • Select E-WASTE, then choose the type of equipment you want to recycle
  • Answer the questions on the Work Description page, then click Next
  • Confirm and/or correct the location, then click Next
  • Review your request and click Finish to submit it
Please keep in mind, FAMIS works best in Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers.