Saint Louis University

The First Time You Log In

Ready to access the Saint Louis University network, systems and applications?

  1. Browse to
  2. Log in using your SLU Net ID and default SLU Net password.
    • Your SLU Net ID is your unique SLU username. It is the same as your SLU e-mail address before the If you are not sure what your e-mail address is, visit and search for your name.
    • Your default SLU Net password is "Id" followed by the last six digits of your Banner ID. For example, if your Banner ID is 000123456, then your default password is Id123456.
  3. Review the requirements for a new password.
  4. Enter your current password in the Old password: box.
  5. Create a new password and enter it in the New password: and Verify Password: boxes.
  6. Click Change Password.
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