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Start and End of Term Activities


Start of Term

It is the start of a new term and you are ready to tackle your Blackboard course. You have the choice to begin with a blank Blackboard course or you can copy the content of a course from a previous semester. There are activities that should be done when copying content and there are activities that should be done in every Blackboard course before the new term begins.

Copying Course Content From Another Blackboard Course

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How to Copy Content: Instructions for copying course content from one Blackboard course to another can be found on the Faculty Top 5 FAQs webpage. You do not need to copy everything, just the things you want.

After the course content is copied you will need to do the following:

  1. Check Links: click on all of the links in your course to make sure they still work and go to the correct place. This includes external links to websites as well as links that go to Blackboard content and tools.

  2. Adjust Dates: you can use the Date Management tool to adjust the dates from a previous course copied into the current term.

Depending on what other material you copied, there may be other areas of your course to update. The Copy Courses page at Blackboard’s Help website has complete information on the "Behavior of Copied Materials".

When you copy a course's content, Tegrity recordings do not get copied with it. If you would like to use the recordings again, you will need to copy the recordings from one Tegrity course to another. You can find the instructions for how to do this at the How to Use Tegrity for Faculty page.

Activities For New and Copied Blackboard Courses:

  1. Add Content: With Blackboard you can add many types of files and Blackboard Tools to your course. Find more information about content creation in the Add Content page.

  2. Make Your Course Available to Your Students: Blackboard courses are not visible to the students enrolled in them on the My Courses module until the instructor makes the course available. The step-by-step instructions for making your course available can be found on the Faculty Top 5 FAQs webpage.

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      End of Term

      At the end of the term there are several activities you can do to wrap up the semester for your Blackboard course.

      1. Archive (Backup) Your Blackboard Course:  in order to preserve the student work in your course in case of accidental deletion or corruption, it is strongly suggested that you archive your course and then download the archive file and store it in a secure area. The archived course file cannot be opened outside of Blackboard. If you need to access information from the archived course, the Academic Tech Team can restore the course for you.
      2. Download Grade Center: in order to have a backup of the student grades from your Blackboard course, download the Grade Center to an Excel spreadsheet and save the file to a secure storage area. You can also print out a copy of the Grade Center spreadsheet for your paper files.
      3. Make Your Blackboard Course Unavailable to Your Students: Courses that remain available (visible) after the end of the term make your course content from that Blackboard course accessible to your students. The step-by-step instructions to make your course unavailable are at the Faculty Top 5 FAQs webpage. You will click No in the Set Availability section.

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        Preparation for Deletion of Old Blackboard Courses from the Blackboard Learn System

        See Lifespan of a Blackboard Learn Course for the Blackboard course retention policy.

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