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Online Course Evaluations - Information for Students

Student course evaluations are central to the continual improvement of curriculum and the quality of instruction throughout Saint Louis University. To help make the evaluation process more convenient, students can now submit secure, anonymous course evaluations online via the mySLU portal.

To access the Online Course Evaluation Form for a course:

  1. Log into mySLU, click on the Tools tab then click on Banner Self-Service
  2. Click on the Student link
  3. Click on the Registration link
  4. Click on the Select Term link and choose the appropriate term
  5. Click on the Student Schedule: Detail link
  6. Open the evaluation form for a course by clicking on the "Click here to Evaluate" link

To learn more, download these step-by-step instructions on Accessing the Online Course Evaluation Form.

Please note: The online course evaluation form is only used by select departments at this time.

Automated Notification Emails

When the evaluation period begins, students receive an email that lists the courses they can evaluate online and instructions on how to complete the evaluations.

A few days before the evaluation period ends, a reminder email is sent to students who have not completed the course evaluation.

Important: The SurveyDIG reminder emails are sent from "Office of the Vice President", and the subject is "SLU Online Course Evaluations". If you forward your email address to another email account, check your spam folder to make sure these notifications are able to get through.

What is the evaluation period for a course?

For each course listed on the Student Detail Schedule page in Banner Self-Service, a status message will display to the right of the Course Evaluation label. This message indicates if the course is using the online evaluation form and, if so, when the evaluation form is available.

The message will display one of the four options described below. Please note that the dates listed are an example of what will display. If your course is using the online evaluation form, the date ranges will be specific to that course.

  • Evaluation period will be open: Apr 25, 2014 - May 6, 2014
    This message indicates that an online course evaluation will be available for this course, but the evaluation period has not started yet. The dates when the evaluation form will be available are displayed.

  • Click here to Evaluate    Evaluation period open: Apr 25, 2014 - May 6, 2014
    This message indicates that the evaluation period is open. The link to the evaluation form is displayed along with the evaluation period dates.

  • Evaluation period is now closed
    This message indicates that the evaluation period has ended, and the evaluation form is no longer available.

  • Online evaluation not used for this course
    This message indicates that the course is not using the online form for course evaluations.

Please note: A course can be configured to use the online evaluation form at any time during the term. If an update is made, the status message will reflect the change.

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