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Tegrity allows faculty to record an entire lecture in a Tegrity-enabled classroom or to record supplementary material outside of class for students to access online at their convenience.

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Tegrity Overview

Tegrity is Lecture Capture software that records the content shown on the computer screen, such as a PowerPoint presentation, along with the instructor's audio. Tegrity captures, stores, and indexes this content online for students to watch at their convenience. Instructors can also allow students to create their own Tegrity recordings for a course that can be visible to the whole class or just the instructor.

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NEWS! Tegrity Updates coming September, 21, 2015.

The Tegrity update includes the many new features and capabilities, some of which are listed below.

  • Faster playback startup speeds
  • Smoother playback
  • A new 'Tegrity Downloads' download manager for Mac and PC
  • A new Mac Recorder -  including the options to re-upload a recording and resume uploads automatically if the Mac's internet connection is disruptive (both already in PC Recorder).
  • New iOS and Android Apps - SLU users will need to generate a new connection code for the apps after Tegrity is upgraded in late July. Log into and click the My Account link at the top right of the page; the Generate Code button is displayed on the new page. Each device that runs the Tegrity app will need it's own connection code.

There are some discontinued features also.

  • The My Notes and Instructor Notes tabs are going away.  (The Smart Bookmarks tool remains and will still let users enter a short bit of text and click to create an Important! or Unclear?bookmark on the playback timeline. However, you can no longer edit that text by opening the full My Notes tab. Once the upgrade is done, users that had notes from past courses will not be able to access those notes anymore.)
  • DVD Archive. The new Download Manager replaces this feature.
  • Outcomes Analysis Report


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How to Get Started with Tegrity

What is required to create a Tegrity recording?

  • If you are recording in a Tegrity-enabled classroom, the classroom computer and the microphone have already been set up.
  • If you wish to create a recording on your own computer, you will first need to install the Tegrity Recorder.
  • Your computer will also need a microphone connected in order for Tegrity to capture your audio. Any standard headset works great, or you can also use a wireless lavalier microphone or even a room microphone.

How do I get the Tegrity Recorder installed on my computer?

  • If you have a SLU-managed PC: Please contact the IT Service Desk to request the Tegrity Recorder.
  • If you have a personal computer (Mac or PC): Please follow the How to Install the Tegrity Recorder instructions. You must have Admin rights to your computer to complete the installation.

Do I need a Blackboard course in order to create Tegrity recordings?

  • Yes. All Tegrity recordings are associated with a course in Blackboard (or an instructor's private course that exists only in Tegrity). If the Tegrity recordings are for a Banner course, then a corresponding course already exists in Blackboard.
  • If the Tegrity recordings are for a department, program, or organization, you can request a course site in Blackboard with which to associate the recordings. Click here for the non-Banner Blackboard Course Site request form.

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Training and Tutorials

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Support for Tegrity

ITS provides technical support for SLU faculty, staff, students and the Tegrity-enabled classrooms. Please contact the IT Service Desk at 314-977-4000 or visit the IT Service Desk page for a complete listing of service desk locations and contact information.

Faculty can get help incorporating Tegrity into a course from the Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning: Contact the Reinert Center to discuss why and how best to use this or any other technology to achieve your instructional goals.

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SLU Recognized at Tegrity User Conference

The fast and successful roll-out of Tegrity at SLU in 2011 has become an award-winning example for other universities. SLU staff from ITS, the Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (formerly the Center for Teaching Excellence), and the School for Professional Studies accepted the Tegrity Rapid Response Award on behalf of the University at the Tegrity User Conference in April, 2012.

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