mySLU 2013 Upgrade

In 2013, mySLU was upgraded to receive some usability improvements and an added layer of security through the use of Central Authentication Service. 

What was included in the upgrade?

New product, still mySLU
For the most part, mySLU looks and feels like the mySLU portal from past years. ITS designed it in a way to make for a simple transition. The Tools tab, and all major content, is still there, right where you would expect it to be. Your links to products such as Cognos, Webfocus, Banner Self-Service, Qualtrics, and Blackboard are still there and work as they have in the past.

New Single Sign-On Tool (Central Authentication Service)
To improve security and the single sign-on process, a Central Authentication Service (CAS) was implemented as part of the upgrade. This allows you to access multiple password-protected web systems after logging in once, improving the concept of a single sign-on portal.

You will also log in to other systems, such as Internet Native Banner (, using CAS. When accessing these systems, you will automatically be redirected to the CAS login screen, unless you have already authenticated to CAS during your session.

What does this mean to you?

One Secure Login
To log in to mySLU, you will still go to, but on this page, you'll click on a login link that will direct you to a new website,, which is where you will actually enter your SLU Net ID and password. That's the CAS.

Don't be alarmed by this new site, When you log in on, you'll be sent back over to mySLU and can carry on just as you would expect.

Log Out AND Close Browser
CAS is a great convenience, needing only to log in once to access all these applications. That being said, when you are done using applications that require you to log in, you must log out of the application AND close your browser to ensure you are fully logged out of all applications. Please note, while most of mySLU will be very familiar and usable, a few features will no longer be available:

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