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Google Calendar Appointment Slots

A great new feature from Google Calendar, Appointment Slots, allows you to set up time slots on your calendar that other students, staff, and faculty at Saint Louis University can book online. The Appointment Slots feature is perfect for organizing office hours or scheduling one-on-one meetings based on each person's preferred availability.

To get started, designate blocks of time on your Google Calendar available for appointments. **You must use your Google Calendar account to create Appointment Slots and book appointments.  Each Saint Louis University student, staff, and faculty member is assigned a Google Calendar account.  If you have never taken advantage of Google Calendar, please visit the main Google Calendar page.**

  1. Log in to Google Calendar at
  2. Click on any day and time in your calendar
  3. The event bubble pops up
  4. Click the Appointment Slots link
  5. Click Edit details
  6. The Appointment Slots detail screen displays
  7. Type a label for this Appointment Slot (i.e. John Doe Office Hours, Engineering Advising Appointment) in the Title field. Individuals viewing your available Appointment Slots will see this title on their own Google Calendar. To reduce confusion, make your appointment titles specific. For example, students may sign up for "Office Hours" with multiple faculty, so include your name to clarify.
  8. Adjust the date and times in the Time block field, if needed
  9. Select either "Offer as a single appointment slot" or "Offer as slots of X minutes"
  10. Type a location in the Where field
  11. Type a Description, if needed
  12. Make note of the link to your Google Calendar Appointment Page. The link is displayed in the green section of the Appointment Slots detail screen.
  13. Click Save

To allow select students, staff, or faculty to sign up for an available appointment with you, simply e-mail them the link to your Google Calendar Appointment Page. The link to your specific Appointment Page can be found by clicking Edit details on any Appointment Slot in your Google Calendar. Please note: Your Appointment Page will only be available to students, staff, or faculty with the specific link for your page.

Visitors to your Google Calendar Appointment Page will see a calendar showing your available appointments. They will also see their own Google Calendar overlaid on your appointment page, making it easy to see what times work for them.

To book an appointment, visitors simply click one of the available appointment buttons and click Save.

The screenshot below is an example of what a visitor to an Appointment Page would see. They see their own Google Calendar + your available Appointment Slots.

Once an Appointment Slot has been booked, it will not be available to future visitors to your Google Calendar Appointment Page. Attendees can cancel their appointment by deleting or declining the event on their own Google Calendar, which makes the Appointment Slot bookable for future visitors. Students, staff, and faculty can reschedule appointments on their own - eliminating the need for a thread of e-mails discussing the best time to meet!

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