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You spoke up, and we listened! Connecting to wireless Internet at SLU became a lot easier in fall 2014. That's when ITS added a new WiFi network named SLU-users. This upgrade was just the first step of a larger plan to improve wireless Internet at SLU. Watch Newslink for more information or visit this page for updates.

As part of the plan, ITS removed SLUnet and SLUnet-n in May 2015, leaving SLU-users as the secure way to connect to wireless Internet at SLU.

How should you connect to SLU-users?

  • Double-click on Available Networks 
  • Select SLU-users 
  • Enter your SLU Net ID and password
  • Click connect
  • Accept the wireless security certificate
  • Looking for printable or more detailed instructions? Click here

Having problems connecting to SLU-users for the first time? 

  • Try removing or forgetting SLUNet, SLUNet-n, and/or SLUGuest connections
  • Turn your WiFi off and back on again
  • Make sure you're entering the correct SLU Net password; if you recently changed your SLU Net password, you will need to log in with that most recent password
  • If these steps do not help, please call 314-977-4000 and a Service Desk technician will assist you.

What's different about SLU-users?

  • SLU-users will be replacing older networks SLUNet and SLUNet-n
  • Access is improved for all types of mobile devices, including Android devices
  • Connecting is easier and quicker - just log in with your SLU Net ID and password
  • Enhanced security behind-the-scenes meets industry standards

Please note: SLUNet and SLUNet-n are generally not available in Tenet or SSM-owned buildings. SLU-users will only be available in locations currently covered by the SLUNet and SLUNet-n networks. For a complete list, please see Locations for Billiken Wireless.

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